EM BodyTrim – The Ultimate Fat Burning Technology!

The BUZZ.. yes we know it… it’s all over the media and now on top of all customers’ minds! The latest technology with an up-to-date, effective and non-invasive treatment to shed stubborn fat, yet at the same time builds muscle and tones multiple areas of the body. The only treatment with a 2-in-1 procedure. Fat Melting & Muscle Building, both at the same time!

High Revenue Potential

More than 85% of consumers turn to non-surgical body treatments to lose fat & spent over $434 million on these treatments.


Intense Pulse EM Technology

30,000 contractions in 30 minutes! By the 4th session, EM Body Trim implodes 19% of fat cells giving a rapid response over other fat-reduction treatments.

Gained Celebrity Attraction

Fat reduction & body toning is the most sought-after non-surgical procedure after injectables, especially in the celebrity world.


Dual Effecftiveness

EM trim is the first device to combine treatment for muscle toning and for fat elimination into one procedure!

Why Choose EM BodyTrim?

Popular among the people, a second-generation EM Body Contouring machine designed with intense pulses of electromagnetic waves with advanced and innovative technology. With 2 different handles of larger sizes, it is easy to target any areas for fat melting and muscle toning.

This particular technology has proven highly effective for abdominal circumference reduction and bum lifts, offering clients an easy way to remove fat from the body and build muscles faster than ever with no downtime!

Benefits to


  • Non-Invasive & safe
  • Swift & painless
  • Requires no downtime
  • Increases muscle mass by up to 16%
  • Burns off oat by up to 19% usually by the 4th session

Exclusive Offer For


Option to ‘lease-to-own’ any LELA device.

Option to purchase an extended warranty beyond the first year (One additional year $1,900.00 or Two additional years $2,900.00)

One month of FREE marketing & lead generation in your zip/postal code ($3,000 in value)

EM Body Trim

EM BodyTrim (Machine Design & Ease of Usage)

EM BodyTrim Treatment Video (Love Handles, Bum lift, Bingo Wings)

Features & Functionality

EM BodyTrim Modus Operandi

EM BodyTrim Animated Brand Video

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