Why Hydr-O2 Facial Device?

Give your clients the #RedCarpetFacial treatment, with our multi-technology facial device. Hydr-O2 combines the benefits of 7 technologies, offering the complete facial solution, making it Canada’s most sought-after facial; In one complete & affordable system which is the only one of a kind in the market.

High Client Satisfaction

A complete prescriptive approach for all your client’s needs, providing extraordinary results to ensure maximum client retention.


Synergistic Technology

By combining technologies, it is possible to create completely bespoke facial treatments or used individually they can provide a more targeted approach.

Affordable Addition

As an affordable addition to any salon or clinic, the Hydr-O2 offers great earning potential without compromising on technology or specification.


Multi Treatments

Multi Facials with 5 unique products for brightening, anti-aging, and clear skin, all amalgamated into one affordable device.​

Marketing Support

Lead Generation
Our algorithms bring you a flurry of customers

Effective Hyper-Local Marketing
Appealing traction as a way to attract customers’ attention.

Get Repeat Customers
#RedCarpetFacial will get you customers wanting Canada’s most sought facial

Services Worth Over $3K/Month
A complete 360 approach to your location as our partner brand

A Two-Day
Training Course


A two-day training course is included with the purchase of LELA’s Hydr-O2 facial machine to ensure that providers maximize their understanding of all the device technologies. This ensures that they carry out the perfect #RedCarpetFacial, following the detailed LELA protocols and suggested treatment packages.

Exclusive Offer For


Option to ‘lease-to-own’ any LELA device.

Option to purchase an extended warranty beyond the first year (One additional year $1,900.00 or Two additional years $2,900.00)

One month of FREE marketing & lead generation in your zip/postal code ($3,000 in value)

Hydro-O2 Facial

Hydr-O2 Facial Signature 2:16

Hydr-O2 Facial Device (Machine Design & Ease of Usage) 0:35

Hydr-O2 Facial Brand Video 1:04

Men Experiencing 90 minute Hydr-O2 Facial With 7 Technologies 0:55

Hydro-O2 Facial Steps

Step 1 – Aqua Peel & HydrDermabrasion

Step 2 – Exfoliation with BOHR Effect

Step 3 – Radio Frequency for Skin Tightening

Step 4- Electro Ion for Skin Lifting

Step 5 – Ultrasound for Better Blood Circulation

Step 6 – Oxygenation

Step 7 – Fire & Ice Hammer