Why Kitsilano RF Microneedling Device?

It is a subdermal cell remodeling device that delivers a rejuvenating treatment. The double action of radiofrequency (RF) energy heating, which tightens the skin, and microneedling, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, makes for a treatment with minimal downtime and the best results – your clients will love their smoother, firmer & younger-looking skin.

Deep Fractional Treatments

Offers the deepest fractional treatments currently known, penetrating 7 mm beneath the skin’s surface and an additional 1 mm with its thermal profile.


Dual Hand Pieces

The use of dual handpieces enables increased treatment functionality. Modular pieces make it possible to customize treatments for large or small body areas.

Burst Mode

The device delivers bipolar RF radiation to multi-level depths in a single cycle. Targeting tissue sequentially at millisecond intervals reduces treatment time, reduces skin injury, and promotes treatment consistency.


Faster & Better

Four fractional tips give clinically proven RF energy to different treatment depths (0.5mm – 8mm).

Why Kitsilano RF Stands Out In Market?

Keep your practice on top with Kitsilano RF Device. Its ability to customize treatments to each individual patient is what sets the newest, state-of-the-art microneedling device with radiofrequency apart from the competition and ensures continued success for your clinic.

In place of microneedling rollers and pens, which may cause skin tears, discomfort, and varying results for each patient, this gadget features a pair of needles with insulated tips that are ready to operate at three distinct penetration levels.

Unlike chemical-based treatments, microneedling does not pose any risk factors while stimulating collagen production. When combined with radiofrequency, it becomes the latest development in non-invasive facial and body tightening and remodeling.

A Two-Day
Training Course


A two-day training course is included with the purchase of LELA’s Kitsilano RF Microneedling machine to ensure that providers maximize their understanding of all the device technologies. This ensures that they carry out the perfect skin rejuvenation treatment, following the detailed LELA protocols and suggested treatment packages.

Exclusive Offer For


Option to ‘lease-to-own’ any LELA device.

Option to purchase an extended warranty beyond the first year (One additional year $1,900.00 or Two additional years $2,900.00)

One month of FREE marketing & lead generation in your zip/postal code ($3,000 in value)

Kitsilano RF Microneedling Device

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