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Hydr-O2 Facial On The Rise

The best investments you can make in the medical aesthetics field are ones that set your practice apart from those of your competitors and let you meet patient needs in a way that they can’t.  The key to meeting patient demand, which in turn can grow your business—is to know what treatments are trending and what patients want and to provide those treatments.

Key to Your Salon’s Success

It should come as no surprise that Hydr-O2 Facial treatments are on the rise! Patients are taking advantage of these innovative techniques to treat skin conditions that previously required medical procedures or medication. Not only is this a terrific alternative for your existing patients, as it allows them to get results without invasive treatments, but it also gives you access to an audience you were not able to reach before. If your practice does not already offer the treatments that are in high demand, you could be passing up a significant opportunity to expand your practice.

You have a lot going on, whether you own a clinic, spa, or just practice aesthetics at home. It can be difficult to keep up with the ever-evolving field of medical aesthetics. Chances are you’ve wished you could get advice from someone who’s been in your shoes before, and now’s your chance!

So, we’ve put together a few reasons for you to find out how the Hydr-O2 Facial Device can help your practice and how the latest innovations in the field can be used to your advantage:

1- It’s Multi-functional

The 7 In 1 Hydr-O2 facial device allows you to prescriptively target your clients’ needs by creating and tailoring personalized treatment plans to their skin issues.

Customers’ demands for immediate, individualized, real results are rising, spa & wellness industry is seeing an uptick in the number of businesses providing hybrid offerings in addition to more traditional manual services. With Hydr-O2 you can offer mini facials or complete red carpet facials for the ultimate glow, meaning you will never have to turn away clients.

2- Highly Profitable

There’s no denying that the Hydr-O2 facial is the Superstar of Facials. Customers regularly include it in their skincare regimens and say that it is an essential requirement to achieve a healthy glow before a major event. Hear how one of our clients used this to enhance their income in this testimonial:

“ Customers were so happy with the results that they asked for custom treatment plans, which we were happy to give them. This led to repeat business, which helped us reach 100% more than our monthly goal. With the Hydr-O2 Device, we are very proud to tailor treatments to each of our valued clients’ individual needs.”  Rehaz Hair & Beauty

3- High Demand

Hydr-O2 Facial has been voted the most popular facial in 2019 by Yelp. Second, everyone is a prospective customer for HydraFacial since one is performed every 15 seconds somewhere in the world. This amounts to over 2.5 million treatments annually, making it one of the most demanded non-invasive facial treatments in the world.

Third, In comparison to other facial devices now available on the market, LELA’s Hydr-O2 Facial device has proven to be one of the most successful in terms of sales, helping innumerable clinics double their monthly income. This is primarily attributable to the unprecedented demand for treatments, brand support, and other unique benefits.

4- Low Investment – High Return

Clinics can quickly recoup their initial investment in the device because the steady stream of customers coming for lucrative monthly maintenance regimens gives clinics a rapid return on investment.

5- Unprecedented Support

You’ll find there’s more to owning Lela’s Hydr-O2 device than making a purchase, receiving delivery, and turning it on. Being that this is just the start of our relationship, we have an ethical need to make sure it’s a good fit for both of us.

We provide exclusive training sessions with every purchase to make sure you get the most out of your device.


The Hydr-O2 facial device is well-positioned to serve clients of all types, but its true strength lies in, creating devoted, returning customers, that’s why we call it mini cash registers. It’s a well-known fact in the business world that those who don’t evolve with the times often fall behind; to avoid this, read the points mentioned above and how they can help you.

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